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Zhou Yu Min:”I’m not Johnny Depp”

Credit to rosie@vicchoubaby for translating in English and thanks sytwo@VIC/AF for posting in AF ^^

Zhou Yu Min:”I’m not Johnny Depp”
By Anh Tuyet
(translated by rosie at vcbb)

Mentioning the new movie “Love you 10 thousand years”, Zhou Yu Min expressed his eagerness:” I thought I myself wouldn’t take this movie. However, after reading the script, I found it very interesting. This is an extremely important work in my career. Hope that everyone will watch and support it”

Has a decadent lifestyle

Totally different from the idol motif, the plot of Love you 1 thousand years is indeed simple, humorous and funny. A rock band got to know a Japanese girl by chance; Zhou Yu Min’s role dated with that girl in 3 months following a contract that they would break up right after it expired. Nonetheless, as they spent time living together, the two gradually realized whom their hearts have been waiting for turned out to be the other one.

Escaping from the image of a white horse prince, Zhou Yu Min in this movie looks not only decadent but also slack; he appears with bristling moustache in the whole movie. In spite of being praised as Taiwanese Johnny Deep by lots of fans, Zai Zai smiled and said: “No no. To tell the truth, my daily looks is just like that. Those who are well acquainted with me and my close friends must be got fed up with my appearance. I suppose there are many kinds of artistes. As an actor, I have tried playing the shuai, faithful guys; but I don’t expect to be thought that I could only be the white horse prince from the beginning till the end of my career. Thus, in these recent years, I want to make a breakthrough and change the appearance as well as the characteristics of my roles. In addition, I also want to challenge myself in various kind of characters such as the one in Love you 10 thousand years who doesn’t care about his looks. It is because in term of an actor, experiencing many different characters is an effective way to gain improvement in acting. When I read this movie’s plot for the first time, I thought this was just an unknown rock band, and I wondered how its members could live on. For instance, Qi Feng isn’t supposed to be a shuai ge; if there were only a decadent appearance, a rumpled hair together with student-like clean shaven face, then it wouldn’t match the image of this role. Therefore, I decided Qi Feng should have a mustache and an easy-going style; and that was what I told director and editor.

Help out newcomers

Watching sweet and romantic scenes of Zhou Yu Min and Yuki Kato, a new actress, it’s hard for us to believe one comes from Taiwan, and the other comes from Japan. This is the very first time he works with Yuki Kato; and the language barrier must have made a lot of troubles for him. Unpredictably, Zhou Yu Min laughed out loud: “You’re wrong. Kato’s Chinese is pretty good! You must have thought she is not good at speaking Chinese, right? It is because of the plot’s requirement. At first, Juzi is a Japanese girl having difficulty in using Chinese. When we started filming, I was also worried about the difference in language. However, I had cooperated with Japanese before, so I got to know some simple greetings. I intended to reduce the distance between I and she that way, but to my surprise, Kato talked to me in Chinese, her pronunciation was excellent. I thought Kato had made a good preparation before planning to develop her career in Taiwan. This is the reason why I admire her very much.”

Apparently the cooperation between them has become more and more perfect without the language barrier. As a senior, Zai Zai was always willing to help out and care about the newcomer-Yuki Kato when they were not filming. Recalling the time when acting in Meteor Garden, Zai Zai was in the same condition with Yuki Kato at the present; and just like her, he made his debut at the age of 19. When acting Hua Ze Lei, he was too shy to raise his own ideas, so all he could do was obediently followed what director told him to do. Zhou Yu Min said that he didn’t want Yuki Kato become the him in the past, so every time before filming, he would come to ask her first to see how the scene should be, and told her to express her way of thinking.

The purity and simplicity of love

Zhou Yu Min, with a very tight schedule, has invested much effort for the role in Love you 10 thousand years. There were many times he revealed that he himself loved the character Qi Feng and it was an honor for him to be selected playing this role. The movie is the combination between hilarious love and original ideas from Japanese Dir Kitamura, which created many new and wonderful scenes. That’s why it’s a must for Zai Zai to take this film.

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